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8D Problem-solving process

Tools for continuous improvement

"8D" is a team oriented approach used to identify, correct and eliminate recurring problems. When performed correctly, this methodology not only improves the quality and reliability of products, but also prepares an organisation for possible future problems, even preventing them.

Being applicable to all industry sectors, it is widely used around the world and considered highly effective. 

This latest version of our already well established 8D course has been adapted to fit closely with AS13000 Problem Solving Requirements for Suppliers issued in May 2014 by SAE International.


The eight disciplines of problem solving ("8D") is a methodology created using the best practices in the resolution of critical problems in the production process.

This course will equip participants with the knowledge and skills necessary to understand and apply the 8D process approach, through the:

  • clarification of a problem

  • identification of the causes ("root cause analysis" (RCA))

  • development of solutions and a plan of action

  • effectiveness measurement and prevention

  • recognition.

Throughout this 2-day course, practical exercises will provide participants with the opportunity to experiment with simple and transferrable tools (for ex. brainstorming, Ishikawa, 5-Why, fault-tree diagram, action plan, priority matrix and more).

In order for participants to hone their 8D skills, day 2 of the course is essentially dedicated to work in small teams of:

- the implementation of an 8D from start to finish; and

- the evaluation of a supplier's 8D plan.


Participants will discover and understand the 8D process, learning which tools are relevant at each step of the process.

Participants will also have the opportunity to develop the skills necessary for implementing the 8D process and evaluating supplier’s 8D action plans, leading to profitable improvements.

Target Audience

The course was developed for personnel who, involved in the improvement of their organization’s Quality management system, or in a problem resolution process, need to understand that process and to develop the skills for implementing it.

The course is relevant for participants from all organizations regardless of the nature of their products or services.


7 to 14 course hours

This 1 to 2 day course is only presented in internal sessions. This facilitates, as applicable, the focus on tools the organization may favor and problems common to the organization.

The schedule may be modified as needed for internal sessions.

An "internal" session means that all the participants are from the same organization.


The instructor supplies the participants with the needed pedagogical material before the session.

The participants receive a course manual containing a copy of all the slides presented, with space for notetaking.

We encourage participants to bring their own copy of the relevant standard(s) to facilitate exercises and further notetaking.

Upon completion of the course, a certificate* attesting to the hours of professional training will be remitted to each participant, as well as our customer satisfaction survey.

*we are a certified training organization by the Commission des partenaires du marché du travail


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