Auditing the management system

Advanced training - Internal auditors - 9100

Beyond compliance - Using the process approach

Internal-auditing approaches evolved with the publication of AS9100C in 2009, AS9100D in 2016 and the auditing guide AS9101D. Until then, internal audits tended to look much like external audits (i.e., checking that activities conformed to the standard’s requirements), or a verification of conformity of activities as described in documented procedures. The expression “auditing by processes” was used to describe this approach.

A better approach consists in actually auditing the processes, i.e. evaluating their capacity to contribute to the quality objectives, instead of being limited to confirming compliance to planned arrangements. This approach is more helpful to the management of processes and to the QMS performance. We have promoted it for years and it forms the core of this advanced training course for internal auditors.


The course opens with a complete review of concepts related to processes and systems. This followed by a refresher on audit techniques, including interview techniques and, with more emphasis, the process approach applied to internal auditing. Participants then prepare and practice a live audit of one of their organization’s processes, using a process-audit generic template. They then present their audit conclusions during a live meeting with the management of the audited sectors. 

Being presented in-house, this seminar is customized to the needs of each customer. 


This 2-day course has for general objectives: 

  • to strengthen the knowledge of concepts related to processes and systems, and their management;
  • to enable internal auditors to audit QMS processes’ effectiveness particularly in verifying if desired results are obtained.
Target Audience

This course is specifically aimed at existing internal audit teams, in the aerospace industry.


Participants should already have attended an internal auditor training course and should have conducted internal audits.


2 days


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