Auditing of systems

On-the-job internal auditing of processes

Adding value with the PDCA approach - Quality Management Systems

Quality management systems have evolved rapidly in the last years,and the process approach is increasingly better understood and implemented iin organizations worldwide. In order to provide a useful contribution to the management of processes and to the performance of the quality management system, internal audits must assess the effectiveness of audited processes, and not be limited to confirming the compliance to planned arrangements.


After having reviewed the concepts related to processes and management systems, as well as the basics of auditing, you will prepare and conduct a real audit at your site, from lists of questions developed by your team during the session. You will present your audit conclusions during a live meeting with the management of audited sectors. 

Combined with the appropriate academic or professional qualification, this training course will enable you to efficiently and competently perform internal audits.


  • Concepts of processes and management systems
  • Managing a process (PDCA cycle) 
  • Basics of auditing and terminology
  • Audit preparation 
  • Conducting an audit and communication techniques
  • Audit practices in simulations and on real processes
  • Coming to structured audit conclusions
  • Audit report and audit follow-up 

An optional exam, free of charge, will assess your knowledge of concepts and of audit techniques.


A 2-day course on internal auditing of processes, with an objective that the participants will be able to assess the effectiveness of a process or of a system. 

This course is offered on site for organizations already enrolled in a registration process or a quality improvement program. This course is particularly aimed at the internal audit team.

Target Audience

This course has been designed for the training of new internal auditors.


There is no academic prerequisite for this course. However, some knowledge or experience in management will greatly enhance the learning of proposed concepts and techniques.


Being presented in-house, this seminar is customized to the needs of each customer. A certificate of attendance (14 hours) is provided upon completion.


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On-the-job internal auditing of processes
Adding value with the PDCA approach - Quality Management Systems

This new approach of process audits that we used this year for our internal audits has been very successful. Auditees as well as auditors like this approach. For auditors, it is easier to prepare, to come to audits findings and to draw audit conclusions. For auditees, this new approach forces them to think in terms of “processes” and therefore to see the QMS from a different angle. 

Pierre V. Lavoie