8D – Problem-solving process

Course description

"8D" is a team approach to identifying, correcting and eliminating recurring problems. When carried out correctly, this methodology not only improves the quality and reliability of products and services, but also makes the company more aware of possible future problems, and may even prevent them.

Applicable to all industrial sectors, it is widely used and considered to be one of the most efficient.

The eight disciplines of the problem-solving process ("8D") form a best-practice methodology for solving critical production problems.

This version of our 8D course has been adapted to reflect the AS13000 "Problem Solving Requirements for Suppliers" standard issued in May 2014 by SAE International.

Throughout the course, practical exercises will enable participants to try out a number of simple, transferable tools (e.g. brainstorming, Ishikawa, 5-Why, tree diagram, action plan, priority matrix, etc.).

Target clientele

The course is aimed at anyone involved in improving their company's quality management system or in a problem-solving process, who wants to understand the 8D approach and learn how to use some of the best-known tools.

The course is relevant regardless of the nature of the company's activities.

Course objective

Participants will discover and understand the 8D process, learning which tools are relevant at each stage of the process.

Participants will acquire the knowledge and skills needed to implement an 8D problem-solving approach, leading to profitable improvements.


This course will introduce participants to the "8D" approach and its implementation through :

  • clarifying the problem
  • root cause analysis (RCA)
  • developing solutions and an action plan,
  • effectiveness measurement and prevention,
  • recognition.

To enable participants to develop their mastery of 8D, day 2 of the course is essentially devoted to the team implementation of a complete 8D process, and the evaluation of an 8D submitted by a supplier.


There are no prerequisites for this course.

Total time

2 days (14 hours)

The course is only presented in-company, which means that if the company so wishes, it can focus on the tools it favors and the problems it faces. The schedule can be adjusted as needed for in-house sessions.



Available Dates

If the available dates are not suitable for your schedule, contact us to be added to the waiting list or request a private session.

No public sessions are currently planned for this course.

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